Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smoked nun

Today is a busy day.
this morning after almsround and eating, i started to finish the birthday gift for ajahn s. His birthday celebration is day after tomorrow. I found a nice piece of wood the other day and on an old fireplace some carbon. I drawed buddhahead on that halfrotten pice of wood ... Today i thought i ought fix it and remembered to have seen something useful in the storeroom. Of course it was in the last corner.

My plan was to prepare everything today have a last almsround tomorrow and leave this place to go to the birthday and than find myself a new place to stay.
I knew that the buddha would have said a short but clear "no" to my plans to start wandering alone and barefoot amongst the villages. It's one of the heavier bad things a nun can do. [the alone part, not the barefoot].
But i'm not a bhikkhuni and women do not get raped so much nowadays anymore. People have kind of respect for nuns meanwhile. So i thought i could dare it in the chiang mai area.

But than it turned out that monks are not interested in staying here. So no need for hurry. I'll stay, do some nunswork, as practicing and studying the dhamma and will have time to find out what is worse: Abandon "my" dog for ever or take off the robes.

Part of departure preparation was to dye a set of mae chee robes brown. Dyeing as in the buddhas time ... A fireplace, a pot- lots of to wet firewood and smoke which always came into my direction.
But, yes, it's getting kind of brown. Hope the robes will have such a nice darkbrown tone after rinsing as my hands have now.

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Fresh from the Source said...

Hardest part for me was giving up "my" dogs. I found them a good home with children who had also been abandoned, then adopted by two wonderful bodhisattvas.

I just discovered your blog and am digesting it slowly.

Tinh Quang