Thursday, January 8, 2009


The days around new years i spent in wat si pha doo. Monksmeeting, parivara. about 20 monks and 2 nun, one of them me, where there. I meditated a lot and stayed at the abbots private home. it's the guesthouse, but normally he lives there. After being there for two weeks or so, he brought me to another, nice indeed, monastery with a young monk and a nun living there. He spent the night in his home and had some guests. I mentioned that i could go back to wat suan pa and instead of saying "oh no, stay here", he was quick to drive me back.
So am i here now, alone with the here residing old monk. The teacher left after the parivara, worked on his career as moviestar, and goes now to a place in phrao to meditate. I have no idea for how long.
First of all it feels good to be in a place again, where one is not a guest and occupies someone elses home.
This morning i went on almsround and had, again, more than enough to eat in my bowl.
no doubt, going on pindabat and wearing a monksrobe is the right thing to do. What can one happen as long one has a robe, a bowl and health? [i'm not always that sure]
Meditation is strong and peaceful. This is a good place for practice, as alfonso already noticed.
But doubts come and go.
Sañña anicca, sankhara anicca
Sabbe sankhara anicca, sabbe dhamma anatta.

stepping on a rope might be as dangerous as stepping on a snake, if one does not see them as what they really are.
May all people, who practice the dhamma with devotion soon realize buddhanature.

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Susanne said...

Wow - I'm speechless and a little bit envious ... Daniela - Phalanyani - ach, shit, auf Englisch krieg ich das nicht hin - Ich wünsch dir, dass du Buddhanatur findest. Und alles bloggst, was dir begegnet auf dem Weg. Glaubst du an Synchronizität? Ich schon. Du bist immer zwei Schritte voraus, aber war ja schon immer so ;-) Ich lese gerade Thich Nhat Hanh am laufenden Meter. Bisschen andere Schule, aber letzlich ist ja alles eins ...
Grüße von deiner alten Schülerin und Zen-Anfängerin aus Uedem (nicht mehr Düsseldorf)