Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today i walked back to the place where we started to build up the meditation center. A lovely wat nestled in the mountains, with wonderful old trees, a cave. It's not far from where i stay now. We left this place because the old monk who is living there is mean and greedy. [it's not talking bad about someone it's the blanc truth]
He did what he could to make work difficult for us. For example forbade to build more huts. He offered to leave the place if we give him 500.000 bath. he is, i guess, top of the list of rule breaking monks. Drives car, eats 3 times, cooks, cutsplants and diggs soil, was telling lies about us in the village and so on.
The day we left the monastery we found , after having decided to leave, weard things arranged to do some black magic.
I laughed about it that day, but meanwhile i do believe in these things.

Last time when i visited the place looked vasted, today it was nicely broomed, cared an old mae chee [nun] was there and tents were put around the chedi as if a lot of people are expected to meditate there.

after having had a good meditation in the cave with a hugh buddha statue, i went back to where i stay now and was passed by the monk in his car who went shopping.

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