Thursday, January 22, 2009

not much to say

today i left the beatyful forest to go to town to help with the preparations for the birthday. i decided to remain in brown robes. i have 3 sets of it. Gave all white away. Well, i could easy get it, it's in the storeroom but i don't want to have more than 3 sets of robes, thats enough. And i gave it to the still absent Not-any-more-but soon-to-be-again Mae Chee Nadia in her absence. For some reason she loves to wear white.
Yesterday I received her mail. She'll be here on the 8th of february and ordain again.
Welcome back sister, i'm happy that you could convince your parents.

And i received an invitation to a forest monastery in Sri Lanka.
Something to consider.

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Nadia said...

It is sometimes interesting to read blogs. You can find things about you what you never knew before...
May be I didn't write it clear in letter. I like to wear white :D And I liked very much to be mae chi. (Liking is a hindranse ;) ) But I have big doubts if I will become mae chi soon. Of course it depends on conditions...
I still want to be mae chi, but my intention is not enough in this case. May be yoki phu ying is good enough for now.
Let speak about it if I will come to Thailand.
Happy Birthday to Phra Ajan Suphan!