Sunday, January 25, 2009


Marvellouse breakfast. Enough leftover cake, some gruetze and pudding, german bread, homemade strawberry marmelade and so on to fill the empty bally with sufficient material that no hunger will come up until next day.
And then - next invitation for lunch.
After short hesitation i accepted. Usually i have one meal a day in the morning and some fruit later, if i have any.
That's great because one does not loose time by thinking on how and when next food will be prepared, taken, achieved? And the stomac gets used to it easily.

One thing happend on my way to the birthday celebration. [i took the bus and touched money, i confess] having broken my own rule, i thougt i could just go to a pharmacy and buy something i need. I went to one i knew with good english speeking buddhists. They remembered me. At the end i left the pharmacy with lot more than i expected without paying anything and delighted and yes, i confess, proud. They said they see that i'm trying to follow the buddha and wanted nothing but a blessing.

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