Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The good part of it

Nobody tells me to take off the brown monksrobe. And so i'm wearing it the whole day. Before that i only use to wear it for almsround and if nobody mentioned something for brooming leaves while it's still cold in the morning.

I don't know what that is with the monksrobe. I guess i was a monk, (one of the bad sort) in one of my past lifes. Or forwhatever other reason i feel so bound to it.

It's a shelter, a fortess, a magicians cloak. I feel naked without wearing it. When i got one, i instantly knew how to wear it. And i do not feel ridiculous as i do when i have to wear these white mae chee stuff which is like running around in a nightdress all day.

It's more than just a simple aversion that i have for mae chee robes.

The buddha declared white to be the colour worn by the householders, it's the laypeoples color. One who has gone forth is not supposed to wear white.
When i ordained i clearly heard the words, 'you are now one how has gone forth'. How can i wear white then? Nope!

For the monks in the bigger monasteries - there are those who don't know, don't care and don't think about such terms. The majority i would reckon. But some of them are completely aware of what it means and who declare and treat mae chee's as laypeople.

Politics ...

... Like these boys in my childhood that, at the age of 11, when the tits started to grow, yelled: girls are stupid, we don't play with girls. ...

I have not the slightest ambition to change thai society. But i rather disrobe before accepting the white clothes as a proper outfit for a buddhist nun.
[knowing that i will have to wear them it very close future]

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