Saturday, February 19, 2011

The reason why I started to write this blog was because I was alone in the forest with an old monk who had not much idea about the Dhamma and who didn’t speak English anyway and I didn’t speak Thai. My teacher had left to America and I had no one to talk to. I reckoned that my teacher would eventually read a blog if I would write one and somehow guide me if it would be necessary. Don’t know if it worked.
Now, being Bhikkhuni it’s much more difficult to write about experiences made in meditation, there are rules which I can easily break.
Even if I write 100 times “this experience does not mean I’m enlightened”, someone may not read it and think I’m boosting with my attainments - which, honestly, never was my intention. If it sounded as if, please forgive, I was and am defiled and conceited. So, for this and for the reason I already mentioned: by making stories out of things a sense of self is being manifested as “I am”, “this is my experience”, “this I have been through” ... keeping me attached to this “I” more than a silly nun, who just wishes to let go of the sense of self, can cope with.

The past is past.

For now until further notice I will not continue the blog. The story of the silly nun came to an end (which does {unfortunately :o)} not mean that I became enlightened.)Later I will continue here or start another blog in farther future to share the Dhamma and where’s and what’s. I’ll let you know.

Friends and family– as well as those who have questions on the Dhamma and think I could answer them – can write to my e-mail . I’m not online often but will answer as soon as possible.

If anybody wants to practice meditation I recommend to come to Wat Rampoeng, in North Thailand, this is where I am now and I can recommend the center and the teacher and the meditation method taught there.

For all who read this, I wish you the best of luck. May you always be in conditions to learn and grow on the spiritual path, may you have faith that nibbana is possible.
Do the right thing.