Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ajahn mae chee

This morning on almsround i was called ajahn mae chee. that's wow, don't know, wow, ...
Ajahn is "teacher" and a title for monks with at least 10 vassas, rainyseasons. funny. But i'm shure she knew what she said. I tryd not to get my ego blown up.
Then later i met my none-teacher. But he didn't realy talk to me. it's nothing personal, he said.

It's sad [for me at least]. But if it is good for him, then it is good. Sad is as impermanent as having a teacher, or a friend. May he be well and able to make good progress in his practice.


Sara said...


Thank you for writing this blog. I found it on Google, and it makes me happy to see someone working hard to overcome their defilements. I think you should not be sad. Your teacher sounds like he is just reacting like so many monks to all the pressures of being in robes (including celibacy!) You know monks have lots of rules to keep, especially towards women. I've seen monks here get really edgy when women get too close to them. I guess we just have to try to be understanding. Why don't you find a female teacher?

Your student,


mitra sunya said...

Dear sara,

Thanks for your comment. You should not call me ajahn, please. Thats not proper. And, more important, it's not good for the ego.
yes, there is nothing left to do than to let go, to accept and understand. This monk we are talking of is the only one i know who keeps monksrules and who cares and understands what the buddha tought. That makes him very special and a very skilled teacher.
To find a female teacher will not be easy, i'm spoild :o) and i'm not yet accepting that i have to take 2.ond best when i know the best.

For me it is not really of importance if the teacher is male or female. the dhamma counts here. And i rather stay with books alone in the forest than to waste time with a wrong teacher.

Where are you? It sounds as if you stay in thailand as well.

Happy that you enjoy reading the blog.