Thursday, January 29, 2009

arising and ceasing

Nothing new, everything does so.
my life always was full of farewell's, moves, changes, i'm used to it.
In the last 6 months i saw hopes, planes, chances, ideas, meditation centers, teacher courses, etc. arise and vanish or cease.
Aeons of worlds arise and dissapear. Billions of breathings, tears, pain, joy, had arisen and ceased.
puppies will be born, they are being prepared these days and they will get old, ill, and die just like me.
I came to know that i love my brother more than my own life. we don't see each other often nor do we talk much on phone.
sunset. Beautiful! Goldencolored mist moved slightly through the valley.

Sorry for not being able to translate the following poem of heinrich heine:

Ein fraeulein stand am meere
Und seufzte lang und bang,
Es ruehrte sie so sehre
Der sonnenuntergang.

Ach fraeulein, sein'se munter,
das ist ein altes stueck,
Davorne geht sie unter
Und kommt von hinten zurueck.

Arising and ceasing ...
It is just so. We can cry, laugh, go crazy, become wise. There is no way to give a halt to it. Better not try. Next breath.

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