Wednesday, March 18, 2009


after hearing somebody i know has cancer.

Some people seem just far to young to have cancer.
For a person in my age I would say: don't worry, give up hopes, meditate and try to become at least a sotapana and stop this stupid clinging. (please remind me - if necessary).
We all are dying, every day. No escape. No rewind.
What we do is what we get. So we better make sure to do our best, than we can face the moment of death peacefully.

But for this young woman, more a girl still, I would say: hope may be a helpful force to gain strength for healing but it is a dangerous trap and when you are not mindful you may stumble in it, cling on to it and end up frustrated. Give up hopes. Meditate to have strength and become a sotapana by the way. Then you don't need to be afraid if the operation fails. Don't waste a minute. Practice Vipassana. You know where the not-teacher teaches. Don't fight but do not give up. Let them do this operation and then you do what you have to do.

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