Sunday, March 15, 2009


nadya left this morning and even my room maids a colony of ants who lived in the wall of my kuti left me, taking their eggs and other treasures. The monks as well are gone. The dismissing of ants and monks was easy. lumpoh and i were brooming the temple ground in silence.
Monks left cigarrettrests, q-tips and toilet paper everywhere , sticky stains on the floor, the fridge empty and a bad impression.
Now i'm sitting in front of some electronical devices nadya left for my use while she is in retreat for a month. At least i know how to write on a notepad. It's extremely comfortable compared with writing on my little old pocket pc searching letters on the touchscreen with a toothpick. That's past. For one month, but that's future.
At present, iit's time to prepare for an excursion. I will be picked up soon to go to a dhamma talk.

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