Sunday, March 8, 2009

about truth

The night was quiet and it was easy to get through. no long cessation. Slept too much the night before. The first night is always the most difficult ...

Truth has no mercy. One may run, one may hide but there is no escape. It is. even if one closes the eyes not to see it. It's ultimate and definite. One is part of it, important and desierable for a world as an ant, a grain of sand, a bodyhair or a braincell.
Open the eyes, phalanyani. Face facts, see truth.
There is nothing in this world worth to cling on. There is nothing to get a hold on.
An accumulation of matter and mind in phalanyaniform doesn't want to be a teacher anymore, doesn't want to become an arahant anymore.
Just be, just truth.
Practice for practicing, to end suffering; if on that way someone asks to show how it's done - welcome.

The absence of an accumulation of matter and little less mind in dana-the-dog-form is noticed as painful as is the whole routine of becoming, becoming, becoming.
The good news is: even all this pain is just mind.

A none smiles.

Busy morning this morning. First villagers came for a chat and dismiss for one month to taiwan. it's family of lumpoh and most of them went to see him but 3 came to bring flowers for the buddha to me and wanted to talk.
Then a monk we know from phrao district came to inform us that he's going to pick us up tomorrow morning for a ceremony. I spent the parivara in his monastery, since then we are in loose contact.

Since jens the yogi left day before yesterday we have a kuti availible. You're welcome to stay and practice.

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