Saturday, March 7, 2009

back online

A brief rewiew about the last week.

Nothing special happened.

Not being able to use internet for one and a half week was relaxing in a way. When you know you have no chance to make the device work and there is no "computer-monk" available, you just accept the fact thatthere's no connection with the world outside until you go to town. We did so [in vain] a few days ago. They couldn't do anything but told us where to go. Yesterday we went there. Airport plaza shoppingmall. Luxurious, expensive ... the mobile has an updated version of whatever now and works. I'm happy that it does and want to send love to all friends and family.

Yesterday the male yogi left. He again and still thinks of ordaining and I hope he will do so.

The female yogi will ordain as soon as possible.

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