Wednesday, March 25, 2009


last night shanti the templedog gave birth to 4 little dogs. 1 white, 2 different tones on the gray scale and one black. They still have their eyes closed. Shanti was in a kind of afterbirth euphoric this morning and came running through the monastery to find me. Lumpoh is very, very happy and smiles from one ear to the other and i'm emotionalized and glad that i don't have to give birth to someone ...

Small as they are, just a few hours old they start to have different characters, impressionable. The white one is the most vivid and noisiest. for now their main interest is to find mothers tits.
A pity that Laa didn't bring more medicine for this itchy skin disease (reude) don't know the english name) so they all will have to suffer from this same disease right from the start. In europe you just put on some drops and it's gone, but to find dogs medicine here is not easy and it's too expensive i can't ask the people to donate for dogs medicine when they cannot effort the medicine for themselves.

A week ago shanti showed me her nest that she found for the event of birth between some old cutted trees. It is perfect for the purpose and i didn't give in to the wanting to build her a nest close to my kuti. How do they know what to do when? It's incredible. They look for nests, store food, etc. It's the first time she was pregnant, how did she know how to give birth ...
Probably by not thinking over it.

Two or three weeks ago she entered the Buddha hall while we were chanting, which she usually never does, and she stayed until we had chanted a blessing for the baybies.

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