Friday, March 20, 2009



interesting word, interesting emotion. In every language it is said it moves, changes, scares, attaches, ...
love. The word has probably as many meanings as there are situations in which it is used. The person who says “love” means eventually something completely different than the person who hears it understands.
The emotion “love” is overloaded by so many expectations and hopes, it never can fulfill. Hence it leads to misunderstanding and finally to suffering.
It makes people alcoholics, killers, hopeless losers, idiots, and blind for reality in best case and in the end disenchanted. It makes people attached lifelong, makes them run away, makes them loose their mind, makes them marry, makes them slaves.

Why do I still believe in love then?
Because there is nothing wrong with the emotion but with our view about it. Take out passion put in compassion. stop wanting to have, start giving. Be friend.
And remember one thing: Whatever love does, if it hurts, enjoys, pleases, tortures - that's all just happening in your mind.
Love is. Not more then a drop of water dripping into more water.
It is, when it's pure, essential for life, you can't hold it, you never know where it goes next and when it is mixed with water that's unpure it becomes poisonous.
Don't run away when you come to find a source of pure water. Don't be scared, be pure.

I got a little skinny, but today i can eat again, not much, though. Still quite weak. Laa took me back to the monastery after alms round.
Forgot to mention that i'm on course again. Interesting coincidence that I got sick last time when I was on course. Same day.
In the beginning i most time got a little fever or some sickness after finishing a course.


Blue Heron Zen Buddhist Centre said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have been ill, and happy to know that you are feeling better.

Sister Tinh Quang

aki said...

Hallo Almaluz; Hallo Phalanyani; Hallo "silly nun" ..

ich bin ab 9. Juni letzten Jahres ein paar Mal im Forum der DBU aufgetreten (unter Axel), verfolge aber deren Posts seitdem bis jetzt und insofern (also gestern, den 20. März) auf deinen Blog gestoßen .. und habe gerade eben das lesen all deiner Posts abgeschlossen.
Dabei gingen mir (naturgemäß) viele Gedanken durch den Kopf .. so etwa a la wie du schreibst > Es gaebe so viel zu erzaehlen! < bzw. zu "kommunizieren".
"Andererseits" ...
Aber ganz ohne über diese interne Reaktion hinaus vermag ich nicht ...
Deshalb "wenigstens": Beste Wünsche für dich (und ein Lächeln).