Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sweet sleep

I slept. We have two more appointments this week and I cannot not sleep while being on tour. I still need to stay at one place and practice hard.

For some reason we entered the storeroom today, just to quick get something out. we ended up arranging things, sorting out, this to give away, that to keep.
I gave to publik use a lot of things I owned except robes, bowl, a little buddhastatue, a mala, a small bell, a monks bag, phone, toiletries, 2 ballpen, a book, usb-stick, passport, mae chii card, some documents and I confess pictures of dana-the-worlds-best-dog. everything fits into the monks bag.
of course I can use the ex-my-things if I need to, with the same right as nadya and lumpoh.

Laa brought, from the donation jens left, a treatment for the pregnant templedogs skindesease. Hope it helps.

the other day a women brought us potatoes. Thais don't like them very much. We gave them laa together with some recepies. Today he came to present us his first selfmade french frieds.

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