Saturday, March 7, 2009

No sleep

Somehow the idea of doing some no-sleeping again arouse in my mind this afternoon. Oh, silly nun!
Now I really have to not to sleep at least tonight. The first night is always the worst.
Little sis went to bed already and I am tired and wish I were less stubborn and strict.
sitting in the buddhahall trying to get up and do walking meditation.
Goal for tonight is not arahantship but to work on peaceful cessation.
2 hours ...

Last night I have to confess, I slept almost 8 hours. Woke up with headache. Too much running through the city the past days.

In past I lived in some of the biggest citys of europe for long and visited citys all over the world [ok, ... half of the world] and enjoyed it. The buddha recommended to stay at a quiet, secluded place like in a forest. Now, staying in a forest, I understand why he said so. It's more wholesome and much healthier. what a smog in town! The air smelled and tasted like gasoil.

I know I can live everywhere, city, village, solitude and I will not be more or less happy than in any other place. But if I have the choice: forest.


R said...

Just to let you know that you are always on my mind.
Love, Ruth

phalanyani said...

hi ruth,

be well
with love
phalanyani [daniela]