Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a day out

it was a nice ceremony, many monks, a lot of chanting, a lot of visitors, a lot of people who wanted to make merit.
there was a old monk with a shiny face and really brilliant eyes and another one who was not sleeping but really meditating during some parts of the ceremony. Some others couldn't wait until the ceremony was over to get to lunch and almost jumped and run off their seats before it was finished during some laypeoples chants.
Kru kasem took us to some other temples. One where he spent some time as a child, as novice. It is said that it has footprints of the buddha, they builded a hall on that place, and footprints of a 7 year old arahant who came to this temple long ago.
Next stop was a mountain monastery, beautiful, the buddhahall with wooden floor, wooden roof and relief instead of the common paintings on the walls. 4 brothers stayed there.

Next stop after that was a shabby little forest monastery with nice view over a lake and a valley. The lumpoh and the pregnant templedog were happy to have us weard farang [westrner] women back.

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