Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Songkram the 3rd.

This morning i went on almsround knowing i will not receive much. Today more or less all of the villagers came to the monastery and offered food.
Funny procedure, they put the food in bags, bowls, on plates etc. and and offer it, the monk, or the nun have to accept it. Then they receive a blessing, in this case a long one. They offer flowers, candles and incense to the Buddha and take the 5 precepts again (today no one drunk, as far as i can tell). Then, when the ceremony is over everybody takes food and puts in a plastic bag to take it home. The ceremony takes quite long time, but tehn everything happens very quickly. I was talking with a nice elder woman and when i turned around, all food was gone.
Good, i have some food in my bowl, i thought. For the special day they give special food, all meat. So i had rice with sauce and i confess that i took some of yesterdays leftovers, german bread, butter and cheese.

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