Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nun, silly nun

error, error!
I made the mistake to personalize Ego.”I have a strong Ego”, i thought, fought it, wanted to get rid of it. A fight "I" (the none on path) vs. "Ego". But there is nothing to be fought, nothing to get rid of.
Ouups! No Ego? But, but, but, then ...
It is a tricky mind-construct to establish, fix and excuse wrong views, bad habits, clinging, craving, etc..
It is not an existing entity, just a wrong view, not more nor less.
This has to be understood, inhaled, exhaled, internalized.
Nothing to get rid of, Ohh!
Noting the wrong view, see the right view and establish it. That's it. No fight, no winner, no looser, no hero in the end, no drums and trumpets nor flowergralands.
What a pity, it was such a nice dream.
I'm not here for dreaming but to wake up. Further then, yeah ha!


Sister Tinh Quang said...

Such a lovely post. Would you allow me to quote you? One mind-body process asking another.

I was thinking of you yesterday, after I had a wonderful experience in Toronto. Are you back on Facebook? If so, I'll email you.

May you be well and happy.

Su co Tinh Quang

phalanyani said...

Dear Tinh Quam,
Yes, you can quote, although I don't really know what that means, but why not?
Yes, I'm back on facebook and waiting for your mail ...
Be well!