Sunday, April 19, 2009


Colors are very intense in the afternoonlight. Everything seems to be clearer, sharper.
The flags of paper and wimples the villagers put on the pile of sand they've built are still very colorful, looks nice from afar. but they are getting wretched.
I worked much on equanimity yesterday and today.
Everything is so beautiful, wonderful, i could laugh of joy
All this beauty is so useless, miserable, i could cry
neither happens.
Obsevre rising of the abdomen, there is no abdomen! There is just some air getting caught in a elastic but limited space and this moves some other elastic but limited space. ( Later these spaces were re-recognised as what english speaking humans call lungs and bowels)
Sitting ... ?. No ground to sit on no body that sits, rising, falling, rising, falling, ...

If there were someone, he/she would rather, cry of joy and laugh of misery.
Rising, falling.
there is no body, no surrounding, air is moved somehow.

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