Thursday, April 30, 2009

the latest

In the last two days I could catch 3 scorpions in my bathroom. Now they live somewhere else in the forest.
Our Trip to Spain and Germany is canceled at least for now. So I will not come to Europe so soon.
Nadya will ordain at Vesakh 5.5.2009 in Wat Ram Poeng. As far as she told me she prefers to stay there. I understand and encourage her, but I will miss a great person and a great help.


Upāsikā Sujata said...

Hola Phalayani,
I hope that the trip to Europe get resolver in the soon future.

Best wishes for Nadya.

Blessings to you,

phalanyani said...

Hola Sujata,

maybe in october.
I'll tell her.
Where are you, back home? How are you?

many blessings in return