Thursday, April 9, 2009

Around and about

the last three days after being rebuked, i was very busy.
3 days ago i was invited by ajahn kasem to go with him, a danish man who meanwhile ordained and some of his villagers to wat lampuhn to a mass ordination of 77 boy's. Some ordained for holidays. Some weeks or days others for years.
I met a couple who's son ordained for 6 years. The man spoke a little english.
At a certain point all almost novices disappeared.
These people asked me if i want to go with them to follow the boys to where there were dressed up and put on ponys to ride back to the monastery.
Sitting on the open back of a pickup of people i don't know, going to a place i don't know made me feel independent and happy.
It was interesting to watch to parents and the boys. Many different but all very strong emotions. The man found out that i speak 3 words thai and left me alone with his wife. He walked with the pony trek back to the Temple.
The boys, to be honest, were looking like clowns more than futur monks. But some of them took it really serious. And all of tehm played the game.
I watched the pony trek for a while. the thai mothers were squeaking of joy when they saw the ponys coming. some of the ponys were forced to walk in a certain manner like in horse shows. It was very hot, and i felt pity for the ponys and the boys.

Next day i went to see to wat rampoeng to see he new Bikkhuni. I was very touched to see her and had tears in my eyes when i prostrated before her. A small woman, shy and soft, but so strong. She holds the rules extremely correct to not give anyone the chance to say: “you see, women can't do it”.
I have an immense respect for her. She worked two years on it and wanted to go to australia to ordain, finally it happened, when she visited china with ajahn suphan. Incredible that ahjan supahn allowed this.
I met some other people i know and of course Nadya and ajahn suphan. I guess he was informed about my rebuke and tried to look very serious. But he was not.

Yesterday the danish man was ordained and i visited the monastery where it was celebrated. The robe was too small or the new monk too big, that kept him busy to pull his robe to all directions, but always some material was missing. He will be monk for 6 weeks. Than he goes back to family and home.

That's two days ago, meanwhile.

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