Sunday, April 19, 2009


Anicca, dukkha, anatta

Yesterday Pow, the old man, went to hospital. They made a cut in his throught and feed him artificial.

I had the intention to go to see him that afternoon, but i did not because the villagers were gathered in a village meeting to count all the donations for Lumpoh they got together. An animated event with a lot of alcohol as it sounded from far.

When i went on almsround this morning, his daugther told me, then the son, he was very drunken but managed somehow to offer food and not fall over, i took it from hom because of his sister standing next to him, otherwise, i probably would have gone.
Now, some hours later i brought some chants, copied them from a book and drawed a Buddhahead. All were gone to see Pow, except the son, he was lying drunken on the balcony. (He is a drinkerand know he has a problem, it seemed that in the last couple of weeks he tried very hard not to drink)/

What a weird coincident that the puppy died and Pow is fighting with dead, just because they could not swallow. Good that i went to see Pow the other morning, on songkram. i met him alone and gave him a “cleaning” by pouring water over his hands and saying a chant.

... For it is beyond our power to delay death and it's great armies ...
... our life is uncertain, our death is most certain ...

I cannot post this (or anything else) yesterday my internetcredit expired and i managed to reset my phone and erased the settings of the internetconnection. See how long it takes to solve this.

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