Friday, October 30, 2009


As if i was on a noisy colerful faire, had enough of it and went to a cave where, so i was told by going through entirely i would find perfect peace.
I walked deeper and deeper into the cave, sometimes - scared i ran back, even back out to the faire, just to find out that a faire is nothing for me. Deeper in the cave it's calm sometimes, no sound no light from the outside comes here. Some places are illuminated by a mysterious glimmering light, inviting to stay, giving light to many very interesing things in the chamber of the cave, pretending this is it, the goal, the end of search. But by further examination it comes clear: this is not the goal.
So further again, through the tunnels of this cave, deeper and deeper. the way back impossible to go. The way ahead? Who knows.
Many people enter such a cave. Some turn back half way through and teach the world some half way truth. Some go back and boost how brave the have been. Many stay in one of those chambers with glimmering light, honestly thinking this is It. Few get to the other end and out there to freedom of suffering.
May i have the strength to go on, further, forth, out of the darkness into the light of nibbana.

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bookinista said...

Glad I found this. I will follow your story with extreme interest.