Monday, October 26, 2009

for tinh quang

Dear tinh quang,
sorry, that's written since long but i dont find the comment to add it there.

Very good to hear from you! And thank you very much for your compassion. It does good to know on the other side of the world someone cares.
yesterday the kitchenteam changed and the next two weeks i will receive garlic free food, i'm promised. I go with my almbowl to the kitchen and eat what i get. It's ok.
Yesterday i had a bowl full of fruit for lunch and today rice and fried egg. Another nun sometimes comes and brings some snacks sometimes.
As soon as i can go out to the village for almsround it will be better i guess. before i came here, to this monastery, i had no problems with thai-food.
If ever possible i will not eat after 12:00 h but lately i often take soymilk in the afternoon.
I wrote that right after receiving your comment. Now since vomits since then.

I will not, like you did, take a bodhisattva vow. in theravada we look for own enlightenment first, that's difficult enough, but on the way i hope to be able to touch and teach many people and help as much as possible beings to find the path which leads towards the end of suffering.

I send you a long, warm, sisterly hug and rejoyce in your luck to be bhikkhuni now.

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