Sunday, November 1, 2009

first noble truth

First noble truth
There is suffering, dukkha [pali].
Suffering has to be understood.
Suffering is understood.
This is the beginning of the buddhas first teaching after his enlightenment.
Suffering is inherent in everything - even in situations of happyness, because they are impermanent and not obedient to our will, out of control.
Sickness, old age and death are suffering.
Not to become what one wants, become what one doesn't want is suffering.
Not to have what one wishes to have, have what one does not wish to have is suffering.
To be away from people one wants to be with, to be with people one doesn't want to be with is suffering.
The range of suffering is wide, from almost not noteable to unbearable and everything in between.
One meets a beloved friend after a long time, pure happyness. ? One may not yet notice the suffering because one is busy taking pictures to always keep this moment in mind ,it's so sad to be away from each other after meeting ... Suffering, isn't it?
Of course there are grosser sufferings, then one cries, laments, gets angry, upset, sad, furious etc. accusing others or fate that it is as it is. These states we note easily and learned more or less to live with it. they are all dukkha.
Sometimes one is just overwhelmed by suffering. One yells, freaks out is loosing control, beats others, kills, suicides.
In any of these cases one is taking it personal. My fate, my anger, my unhappyness, my miserable situation ... i don't like, i just hate, i want, i wish i could ... I suffer! Always!
Is that so?
Here an example of latest insights:
5 m away from the room i stay in they are constructing since a month now. It is really noisy. I could have gone somewhere, where it's more quiet but decided to just keep practicing in my room as usual.
I could easy have felt anger and could have suffered because these workers bothered me so much.
But they didn't mean it personal.
It's just that workers were there, money for the salery was availible, tools, mashines and material was brought, the place was there - conditions that made a construction possible.
With or without me present. It has nothing to do with 'me'. There was a body noting rising, falling, sitting, hearing, a mind recognizing, thinking, acknowledging ... But that's another story.

That i was there as well, was a result of past karma. [and not really bad karma, i bet, because i was fortunate enough to learn out of this] again a nother story.

Construction sites are impermanent, tomorrow they finish.

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