Tuesday, October 13, 2009

long time

Long time since last entry.
Meanwhile the vassa is over tomorrow we will have kathina ceremony, today we already have hundreds of people here, it's a busy coming and going, as soon one leaves the room, one stumbles over people. For the amount of people around it's estonishing silent.
Tonight we have a first ceremony.
I was at the forest for two days it was wonderful. The dogs are not in best shape but ok., the puppy almost freaked out when it saw me. It howeld, jumped and peed whenever it saw me.
The mother dog was quiet. This dog has seen and understood suffering and is taking it with humble dignity. It's an incredible dog.
For about one week i thought i would travel to germany and already informed the family but now it turnes out that i will not go. The organizer can not pay 4 flights, only 3 and there are not enough rooms. And to be honest, they don't really need me there, people nowadays speak english and ajahn as well.
Not to go to germany gives me time to visit some friends and other monasteries. I'm just sorry for my mum because she was so happy to see me.
I'm now oficially invited to stay here and continue practice hopefully i can speak about future before he goes to germany. See if he really will support me for being bhikkhuni.

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