Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Kathina ceremony is done and we can go back to routine. In my case it means meditation, meditation.
Ajahn tong came to attend our ceremony but he was weaker than last time, stayed short and didn't give much blessings. I was lucky and somehow was kneeling between our ajahn and ajahn tong and on one side i received a 'tock' with the fan on my head and from the other side i was showerd with paritta-blessed water.
The trip to the forest and the ceremonies made my loose equanimity a bit. Before the trip i had very little thoughts during meditation and 3 - 4 hours sleep was really enough, i was happy and peaceful. Now thinking is back and i need 6 - 8 hours sleep, don't even hear alarm clocks.
Mind is ok, just not tranquil but body is quite bad since more then one week.
mindful vomiting. Can't just be the garlic that causes troubles.
But i don't want to speak or think about it anymore. I go with my almsbowl to the kitchen, give a blessing and eat what i receive, sometimes i vomit, sometimes not. I break the rule of not keeping food and gather fruits 2 - 3 days until i have enough for an entire meal.
So far i don't have signs of being malnutritioned and i still have some multivitamins, so i will eventually survive :o)

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Blue Heron Zen Buddhist Centre said...

Dear Sister. I am back in Canada. I don't know about Theravadan tradition, but we are allowed to eat during "untimely" times, if we are sick or malnourished. The Buddha said that food is medicine. Multivitamins don't work well if they don't have food as a vehicle. Please take care of yourself, so that you can become awakened and help others to do so, too.
Sister Tinh Quang