Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Note what from last week or two weeks ago.

What a Karma! In a Dhamma talk which I listened to a few days ago, the Silananda Sadayaw said, all ugly, bad, unpleasent etc. that we see, hear, smell, feel, experience is result of our Karma, of ugly and bad we did in this or former lifes.
Nothing to hold against.
What bad must i have done? (Except letting the dog's come too close)
One day i saw a long worm creeping out of one's dogs anus, the next day one of the puppies started tossing and vomiting until a fat worm came out.
Then I checked the internet about intestinal parasites and how you note that you have them. Well, I came to the conclusion, that I must have them, too. I was tiered, had no appetite but needed a lot of food, and some other indications. And I felt actually a very weird movement in my belly which was different from other, known movements belly's usually do.
Modern science allows monastic's to get rid of the parasites without killing them. Worms and larves get stunned and so the body can exhort them. Quick done. No big deal.
But to be honest, meditating on intestinal parasites which are wandering through the organs like ones stomach, liver, lungs and heart, living by guzzing ones organs ... that was far the most disgusting meditation i ever did in my life.

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