Sunday, May 3, 2009


endless space, no beginning, no end, just one breath, just one step. there was a tree and ground, a path, a person stepping, now there is nothing of all this anymore. sparkles of light, twinkling, silent and soft. not existing, not staying, but there, in presence. intention to lift, sparkles, seeing: sparcles.
looks like universe, stars, genesis and dissolution of stars, very quick. arising ceasing again, again, again ... where the tree was: sparkles flowting, slow in nothing. all around swiftly moving twinkling sparkles.
not to say what is what. all seems one, there is no diffrence between one sparkle of a step and one of a bug or tree or grass, nothing of that is real anyway.
and all is separate - like in fog, it seems to be one big mass of fog but it is not, it's billions of very small particles of water or. some particles may join and become one, a drop but then they are separate from other drops.
drops are not real, nor is fog, just an idea, a spark.
seeing, seeing, seeing.

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