Monday, May 18, 2009

11 month

now i am exactly 11 month in thailand. of wich i spend 1 as yogie and 3 month as mae chii with the former teacher. 2 1/2 i spend in different places and 4 and half month in this small monastery.
Today it is extremely beautiful here. not too hot, clear far view, the dog are cute as dogs can be, lumpoh's sounds from far chanting the abhidhamma.

in one month i'll be 50 year's old. I want to do another intense course before that, best with guidance.

The decision is clear, that i will not disrobe after staying here one year. I'm not sure about staying in thailand or for how much more time to stay here. Right now there is no other call so i remain here but in heart i'm a nomad [or better a wandering monk :o)] and i start to feel cosy homely here at wat suan pa, so i should go somewhere else sooner or later.

We'll see.

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