Sunday, May 31, 2009

on top

The hut i stay in requires everyday maintainance now. The mangoes are getting larger (and less, a fact of which i'm most grateful) and keep falling on the roof so i have to climb up almost everyday to repair it and to exchange a shingle. You must have seen me yesterday! I was reminded of my time as comedian, when i acted as a little, slow but warmhearted plumber apprendice. I did some acrobatic with a ladder, climbed on and over people, tables, eveerything in my way and got caught in the ladder. People were screaming and laughing tears when I did that.
Well yesterday i had no audience except some mosquitoes but it was a real good sketch.
I prepared the ladder and put some stones underneath it to give it a little hold, got a shingle and climbed up. The broken shingle was a little further, so i had to get of the ladder on the roof, no problem – i did more dangerous acrobatic acts (but not in a skirt). The ladder move a bit by getting off and slipped off the stones, the ground was really muddy. After checking in a sight (less than a second) that there is no other save way to get down again unless I scream for help or cahtch the ladder before it falls, I managed to get hold of a small branch of the mango tree with one hand and to catch the falling ladder with one foot, while one foot and one hand remained at the roof.
Not at all ladylike but effective.
It took some minutes of highly concentrated balancing the ladder with the foot to bring it back to a save position. I experienced real “one pointedness of the mind” in doing so.:o)

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