Wednesday, November 11, 2009

to all

After a few days of keeping silence about the bhikkhuni-trouble, even in mind, and after a trip to the monastery where i spent my first parivara, i'm back to town.
It was sooo good to be in the forest again. Before i went i got sick a little but there, in nature, it dissapeared.

There was a very, very sick dog. Don't know what kind of desease it got. So much suffering. It got blind and can't move the legs, moving must be painful. We fed it with the meat we received and it was so grateful. But at one point i thought for the poor being it would almost be better to be left alone, dying. trying it to keep it alife with this desease must be torture.

@ anonymus
May your practice and your keeping the 8 precepts lead you to the end of suffering. All the best for you.

@ budd tcw ha
Our connection seems to be quite good, i received your message before you've sent it and started to keep silence about this topic even in mind. Yes, too much opinion, too much akusala. May it be as it is and come what may.

Thank you, dear, understanding and good wishes are very much appreciated.

@tinh quang
I wait for your mail. on fb? And hope you are very well. How is not-self doing :o)

@ manfred
I wrote a looong answer to your comment but deleted it then. Enough i said. But thank you for you comment.
Hast du mal in einem der kloester ajahn chah's practiziert? Warst/bist du moench?


Anonymous said...

Dear Phalanyani,
I was a monk for two years in the Mahasi tradition in Burma, some 10 years ago. I felt never very much attracted to other traditions than Mahasi. I found my stay in Burma the best thing in my life, but I don't think Bhikkhuhood was central to progress in meditation. What was very inspiring (and a bit embarrassing at the same time) was the veneration and support one gets especially as a Westerner in Burma. I felt very obliged to the good people which made my stay possible. As a nun or layman you maybe don't get the same veneration but the same support - at least at the place I stayed in, Chanymay Yeikhtah. Good place.

With Metta,


Shani said...

Did you contact Bhikkuni Kusuma in Sri Lanka for the possibility of ordination? She has started Bhikkuni ordination in Sri Lanka after a long break.
Also, Sister Vayama in Australia who is a student of Ven Ayya Khema.
Good luck