Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a break

Another break. Loi kratong, the light festival is over and i finished my retreat, so far.
For a week or so i will rest and meditate much less.
A funny story happend ...
A new monk is giving instruction to the foreign newcomers. I noticed a couple of differences between his instruction and the original of this temple and managed somehow to kindly tell this monk that he is not instructing according to the temples norms - without him getting angry.
Yesterday i gave my usual dhammatalk to the new people and was expecting the monk would come back afterwards but he didn't. so i kept on going with the next set of instruction the meditation and noticed another difference between the monks way of instructing walkingmeditation and the original. Next morning i informed the monk about the mistake.
He was sure he was right and i wrong and left me mildly smiling standing where i was.
Later he met me and angry asked if i showed it wrong to the new meditators and if so, i had to go to them, apologize and tell them to do as he said.
After meditating so much the last months i was rather unmoved by this and ready to go and apologize although i was 100% sure that i was right. But i had no intention to fight for it. So i said we should do it as ajahn sais and consult him when he is back from his trip. mildly smiling i went away.
Then, short later he had met another monk who did the job earlier and asked him about walking meditation. When we next met he admitted that he made a mistake.

P.s.: next morning. The monk came with some soap [which is very welcome] and asked for forgiveness.

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