Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The only way

Going. keep going phalanyani.
I'm sleepy and drowsy but i do my best to continue the course with my brain sedatet by antibiotics.
I'm still clinging on to life. intense experience of the last days. only one short moment of really letting go.
But there is a good reason: only as humans we can attain arahantship and enlightenment.
This life is a rare and very preciouse chance and not to be wasted for some games like who is stronger bacteries or my willpower.
there is this one goal and only one way to get there.


Anonymous said...

keep on going Mae chi Phalanani
even if you feel sick ,being mindfull of your illness is the cure


Fresh from the Source said...

Mae Chi Phalanani, even the Buddha got sick, and he rested. He told us to take care of our body, as it is the vehicle for enlightenment. So, when we are sick, we allow the wisdom of the body to tell us what it needs to get well.

While resting, getting well, be mindful of the body and notice the rising and falling of the waves.

Much metta to you.