Tuesday, February 24, 2009


just some random thoughts.

For those who seek the pleasure of lustful physical sensations attached to the body and it's limited abilities to satify lust by eating, sex, scratching when itching and so on, this body may seem precious, beautiful. but they will come to know one day that it is not so. They will suffer from illness, old age and will be scared because this rotting corpes is dying.

For those who seek the pleasure of peace and serenity unattached to lustful bodily sensations, mindful and aware, aiming for the ultimate, the cessation of all wanting, of all thinking, the end of seeking any pleasure. they come to know that this body, may it be rotten and useless for the pupose of pleasures - but they should keep in mind that this body is the only and precious vehicle that allows a human being to go forth, to go beyond to get out of samsara. it should therefore, rotten and fragile as it is, treated with care and respect.

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