Monday, February 23, 2009


It is already quite hot. Temperature changed in just a few days. At night the robe is enough to cover with. No more blankets needed.

This is the second day without water.
We were joking about that the villagers can smell when we come on almsround. In the afternoon one, laa, brought a ton full of water with his pick up and we filled all available buckets.

Laa is bringing his nice or his son lately when he comes to the thai/english language exchange. Good that he does. I was worried that his wife gets jelouse or the others strat to talk, he spent everyday an houre with us.

We are thinking of a way to show our donators in the village our gratefulness without making them think we want to "buy" them or pay for what they give [which would be like anulling the merits they do with their donations.

Laa will never know that i write this here but i have to say that we, the soon-to-be-nun-again nadya and i, are very, very grateful. We know that without him supporting and helping us we would be lost. [well everything would be much more difficult]

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