Saturday, February 7, 2009


Vis-a-vis the buddhahall my old companion the lumpoh resides in a wonderful big woodhut.
We used to broom the templeground together every morning. Everybody had an own section to broom.
Then, one day, after having been rather drunken lumpoh was sick for two weeks.
I decided to broom parts of his part and parts of mine, to have the most seen parts proper.
Now he's back to normal.
Brooming, laughing, occasionally chanting out loud "buddho", and talking to me, no matter that i don't understand. [but i'm getting better, sometimes i can catch words out of the mass of sentences and in good moments i'm able to give a short wrong but adequate answer.]
He is a good fellow, with a good heart. He knows and recites the rules. A pity that he has the tendency to break one of the mayor rules regularly.
After he regained his health, my territory to broom grow somehow. but i don't worry about it, today a helping hand arrives and will stay for long. The ex-and-maybe again-mae chii nadya.

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Blue Heron Zen Buddhist Centre said...

Hello, Phalanyai.

Sister Tinh Quang