Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mara's good taste for bad jokes

let me first explain, that here in thailand generally no toiletpaper is used on toilet. Every toilet has a watersupply or an intimshower right besides the toilet for cleaning and rinsing.
mine has both, but no sink or shower, so i take shower with the little intimshower
Last night i wanted to clean myself before going to bed using the little shower. Somehow a small hairy black cattarpiller had thought the showerhead may be a good place to rest for the night. [Which i had not yet realized by then.]
By pushing the butten i jettet the poor worm against my body, [Which i had not yet realized by then.] and started cleaning. After cleaning a small but delicate part of my body i came to know: iching, iching, ICHING.
Looking around trying to find the reason for the iching, i found the little thing winding on the ground, suffering same as me, i guess. Our physical contact left it with less of it's hair and me with a iching scinallergie.
It survived a well.
I was used since long to shaking well all towels, cloth and blakets and so on before use. In futur i will check wateroutlets ...

And i will wear shoes. Outside, yes, but mainly in the bathroom, met another scorpion there.
Today's them on course: equanimity.

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