Tuesday, January 15, 2008


today i gave 3 houres spanishlesson. to one of the ex-couple i wrote about yesterday. he is an artist, painter. of the 3 houres we had together he spoke 1,5 h about himself and 1 h bad about his ex wife who is his galerist. he ask me what i think about his paintings.
i´m living under the 5 precepts, one of them ist that i shall not lie. so i told him that i dont really like his art, some pictures are nice, but all to dark and to dominat. abstract strucure landscapes in screeming or dark colours ...

suddenly he pulled out a small sheet of paper with a drawing of a naked man with a giant penis jumping on to a naked woman and showed to me. i looked at it then at him, said nothing. he asked me then: does the world need this? i said: "no" and swallowed "nobody needs to see the sexual phantasies of a senescent man".
he became nervouse and rummaged in some bloques he wanted to use for our spanishlesson.
"poor old fool" i thought and kept silence.

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