Tuesday, March 16, 2010


almsround in Los Angeles.
How wonderful that I can go on real alms round here in Los Angeles. First the Ajaan, then his attendant and in some distance me. Yesterday a young monk joined and today a second young monk with attendant. So we are 6 people marching in a row through the streets of North Hollywood. Some people offer food right at the monastery, others drive by and stop on our way and some more people meet in a Thai restaurant, where we finally eat out of our bowls. The young monks do not yet know how to wear their robes properly and only one knows the blessing chant.
People got a hint that I eat vegetarian and now we receive mainly vegetarian food.
Thai's are funny. Either they like you or ignore you. The women offering food at the temple already love me. One at the first sight started to cry when she saw me. "You are so beautiful, I'm so happy to see you, I never thought it was possible that a woman can do that. i tried to go with them on alms round but I can't, I'm so happy to see you." We never met before. She hugged me long. Next day she came running and screaming "Nimon, Nimon!" Wich is the invitation to receive an offering. After pindabat I met another of the women from the morning. She stopped me and said: "You know, your voice is so different, a voice like yours I never heard it before, non of the monks here can do the chanting like you do, you touch my heart, please, if you do evening chanting record it and give it to me I want to hear you voice it helps me to calm down". Then she talked about her life a bit until her husband came to pick her up.
I'm not sure what to do. I'm not allowed to make people love my voice to receive more almsfood. It is not my intention to do so, but if I record something for her, it might seem that I try to pull her on my side. If I don't she might be upset and it might seem that I'm not willing to cooperate. For now I told her that I have no device to record.

Yesterday after lunch I was taken to a huge chinese Kwan Im Temple here in Los Angeles aera. Why do I have the impression it's just a moneymaking business?

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