Thursday, March 18, 2010


today it feels like being here, now. I'm back to health and strength, find sleep at night and can meditate and read suttas at day. How wonderful. It's really starge, when mind and body are so way apart, mind somewhere over the pacific and body in an unknown place.
Yesterday some facebook friends became real, they came to visit at Wat Thai and we spent an houre talking and visiting the monastery, which i didn't do before. It's a nice temple.
I enjoy the daily Dhammatalk and group meditation in the evening. A course is running presently. Everyday I meet new, lovely people, all Thai. People seek to talk to me, but ask respectfully 2 or 3 questions and then leave me alone. No construction sites around!
There is nothing to complain about, although it's not free from suffering - only it does not appear right now within me. In others it does - may they get over it.

The two young monks who join for pindabat didn't know how to put on their outer robes ... :o)
Monks since 5 months one and the other since some weeks, they stared at me to find out how the robe is to be put on. I couldn't show them, because there were people around, but I opend mine to adjust it a little bit to show them, how it is done. This morning they came and proudly presented their results of trying to put on an outer robe. If I was a monk in charge to observe the dress code, I've must sent them back to their rooms, but as I'm just the mae chii, i gave them an encouraging smile. Nice boys what a luck for them that they found meditation.

I front of the house where I stay an old man lives in a car. He was soldier in the us army, could live better than this, but prefers to live here. From the beginning on he always greeted me very friendly. Today I went out to give him a jogurt. He started talking first in Thai, then in english and, oh wonder, i had understood what he had said in Thai. He was meditation for long and when he saw me he knew >I'm able to 'get it' (the final goal, liberation from suffering) in this live. I am the first person he has ever seen that might be able to 'get it'.< Pouuh. "You can! in this life, no one of the others here can, you can! Do more walking meditation, do it outside, not inside your room, do it naturally, then you will get it, you are like one of this flying lights on Loy Kratong (a hot air balloon with a lit fire). But don't walk barefoot anymore, I give you shoes." "Oh no, I don't need shoes", said I. "You need", said he. "We're at 2010 not at 0001, not at the Buddhas time, you need shoes and I want to give them to you, you do walking meditation outside with the shoes i give you and you'll get it, that's my merit, that's my meditation." I tried to escape, a bump wants to buy shoes for me. What can I do? He doesn't seem to be an alcoholic or mad, though, his eyes were sparkling, clear. Handicapped he is and his mind not in peace, but not mad. Everything he said, he repeated 3 up to 5 times. "those who think they are small, are big and those who think they are big are small. I want you to break through." "I'll try." "No, don't try, do it, you can." Then i went inside.
I felt caught when he spoke about the walking meditation, how could he know that I'm skipping it sometime because I don't like it?

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