Saturday, March 13, 2010


on my second or third day in Bangkok we went to the new airport to pick up a outstanding-women-in-Buddhism-award-winning Bhikkhuni, we that was 2 thai bhikkhunis, 1 american and i, the mae chii. We had lots of time and went to the monks waiting room. The Thai bhikkhunis didn't know that such a room exists and were delighted to see it. After sitting there for a while, a monk slowly opened the door and moved his head in slowly turning it towards us. It took me a second to realize, that it was my Ajahn. "Oh, only women" he said, we greeted him respectfully and then he left. He was probably on his way to china, where he and some others are giving a meditation course.
Later, we were waiting at the gate, to pick the person up, a monk came down on the electric starirs. He was smiling. The airport is always full of monks. Then I looked again, it was one of my brothers of Chiang Mai, he was on his way back to the monastery and was happy to meet me because he had to give me some information about ordination.
Suvanabhumi airport is huge, incredible to meet someone i know.

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