Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sarani waited paitently for an answer if I accompany her to Bangkok or not. Finally yes I did. We had 3 days together there, then she went to LA and waits for me there, in case i'll go up to the north of California on 12th.
We came to women training center, we-train, where the ceremony of giving-the-outstanding-wome-in-Buddhism-award was prepared.
I had a room for my own in the nun's cottage, it was actually not really alone, I shared with hunderets of mosquitoes. They had hidden under the bed, i used a mosquitonet because the room had no screens. unfortunately i did not know that plenty blood succer were under the bed and hang the net just so that it touched the ground, There was no exit for them. At 1:00am I started feeding the mosquitoes for 2 hours.
the center has everything, big guesthouse, orphanage, place for mistreated women, hairdresser school, thaimassage, restaurant and so on.
i got to know the organizer of the awards-ceremony, a Bhikkhuni since many years. she was very nice, down to earth and funny. every day more Bhikkhunis and other women arrived.
I went on almsround with the organizer every morning and received lots of food from people who knew her and money. She was a mae chi for long time in this place and has many friends there.
It was shocking to see that some monks "went" on alms round by being driven by motorcycle, just jump off, receive, give blessing and drive too the next one. the driver was waiting 2 meters away having about 10 bags on his cycle.
My friend and supporter Sirikarn met with me and we went to a Buddhist shop, a shop that supplies every a monk might need. She wanted to offer the first robes to me in case, i could ordain in America.
She went straight to a shop that was recommended by one of her friends, but I didn't feel like getting something there, so we went to the next shop next door and the next, in the 4rth shop i stayed longer and had a look around. Sarani was with us that day. We found robes of pure cotton in a color we all liked. while sirikarn was paying, i was watching monks-mosquitonet-umbrellas with Sarani. the seller came and we asked the price, Sarani wanted to buy one. while the assistent was sent to get one the seller said "I offer it" and she asked me if I want one as well. "No, I said, very nice, but I have already one". the seller yelled: "get another one, search for the best with everything, the entire set." The seller's sister called her friends and family to come over to the shop. "do you need anything else", "no" the seller sent the assistant who had brought all stuff for us to get another outer robe, "do you need anything else", "no" then she told her to get two more vests, I gave a blessing together with Sarani,"do you need anything else", "no" she ordered to bring more lower robes and was desperately looking for something else I might need, she finally had the idea to give both of us another monks-tudong-bag which was a good idea and I really needed one for all things i got. again she asked if i need more, "no!" sarani pointed at my bare feet, the seller said, " I have shoes, but they are of bad quality and will be broken soon, I don't give them to her." I gave another blessing and started to head towards exit before the seller ruined herself by giving me too much. the people that were called befor came in and offered money to us. another blessing, exchange of e-mail addresses and farewell. i hope i will be worth the faith the people suddenly had.
Sirikarn who is way too supersticious asked me days later if i uses supernatural power to get what I want. AAAGgrrrrr!
I try since weeks to tell her that if i had such powers I would not be allowed to use them. To intrude someones mind for the purpose to get what one wants really is the worst, the least, it's bad, bad, bad. Supernatural powers in a person which is not 100% firm in the sila, who has not a pure mind, are a danger, both for the person itself and for all others. Please do not think so bad of me, my friend Sirikarn.
We went after leaving the shop to see Sirikarn's husband who is a high rank of th city police. He officially offered the robes to me. He is nice, calm and friendly. Afterwords we were brought back to the center by a police car. Sarani was a bit dissapointed, that we stood in the trafic as everybody else, not using our blue lights.
to be continued

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