Saturday, August 22, 2009

kitchen aid

Helped in the kitchen instead of meditating. Help was welcome. Later a novice and nadya came to help as well. Mushroom-cutting-noodle-seperating-egg-peeling-onion-peeling-meditation.
First it felt like waste of time, [i should humble go on almsround, thats proper] but presently everything appears like a waste of time to me - meditation and learning Dhamma excluded.
I have to keep in mind that, for the kitchen nuns, it's not a waste of time to prepare extrafood without garlic for the bhikkhunis and me. They do it with so much love and devotion. It's not easy to bear all their goodness without feeling ashame and guilty. Guilty for having something extraordinary like a garlic allergie and ashame because i will never be half as good at heart as they are.

It's so much better without garlic! No more stomach ache vomits and diarrea since then.
The people of 'my' village, where i used to go on almsround cook with garlic as well but they dont cut it in very small pieces and i sorted it out with the meat for the dogs.
... Hope to visit wat suan pa soon with nadya and sue, a thai-meditator.

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