Saturday, August 8, 2009

ajahn tong

today my teachers teacher, ajahn tong came to visit. he is 85 years old and walks supported by one or two people. but only the body is old and weak his mind is clear, strong and vivid,today more then ever befor [of the few times i had the chance to hear him talk] and his dhammatalk was inspiring although i understood about one percent of the words he said.
i was just standing in front of the elevator, when the doors opend and he came out.
at the end before he left, i was lucky and walked along where he was sitting and waiting to be picked up, only few people were around and i received a blessing. he hits people with his fan on head or shoulder - usually there are long lines of people waiting to be beaten.
presently one thai bhikkhuni and 5 vietnames bhikksunis are staying here, ajahn tong greeted and encouraged them. generally bhikkhunis existence is neglected.
their being mentioning in the same breath with the monks and being adressed during the talk in front of 200 people gives rise to hopes.

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Uilium said...

Hello noble nun, this hitting is part of the teaching?