Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As i mentioned i was once actrice at theater, long ago already. We worked with lee strasberg's method acting. Very interisting method and we had a good coach.
Instead of stumbeling over the scene to find out where to say and do what, we worked our characters lying on the foor or sitting in a chair, eyes closed - we researched the properties of the charakters, their way of speaking, thinking, moving, their postures, feelings like that.
We scanned our bodies with our minds in search for useful 'material': Points in size of a pin head wherever in the body.
Due to past experience cells or cellgroups seem to have an information about a feeling related with a posture, a gesture, a tension, etc.. This were what we were looking for, spots where mind has related a feeling for some reason. [a little scar from an old hurt, a tension in the shoulder, a spot when remembered one can't stop giggeling and so on]
Interesting because it helps me now to understand the abhidhamma. About mind and matter, nama and rupa. the body does not remember anything, but mind knows and according to the work we did i can tell: mind, when trained, is able to remember every little spot of the body and every situation or feeling or thought related with it. When such a mind-matter coproduction is repeated, it will be memorized and tension, posture, thought, feeling of it will be established. If it is repeated often it becomes habit [or keypoint to enter into your stage character].
EVERYTHING is ruled by mind, made by mind. Mind is experiencing as long as the mind/matter combination is intact.
The most shocking of that work for me was to see how limited we are. Physically and in range of our feelings, we can either feel happy, unhappy our neutral; mindstates are either of wanting/liking/greed, not-wanting/disliking/hatred, or not knowing/delusion. This in variable combination and changing intensity. Each combination sepred, connected with each other just through thinking. Effect of something, cause for something. Thats all. No matter if it's a shakespear a modern author or a happening in our lifes.
Maybe not all of my time was wasted :o)

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