Wednesday, July 1, 2009

another farewell

Two women, who support me with almsfood on almsround every day came up to see me today, they heard I'll be leaving and wanted to know if it's true. Lumpoh must have spread the news.
I told them I'll be away for the vassa for three month but want to come back afterwards. First they wanted to convince me not to go then I convinced them that I will come back.

Andrew, thanks again for donating/sending the Visuddhimagga I make good use of your gift! reading a lot in it. I tried to read the first part in German once and I didn't understand half of what I understand now. Next I have, as Ajahn said, to study the Abhidhamma, then more of what is written in the Visuddhimagga will become clear (and vice versa).

Farewell of a friend. One I knew short in this life but with looots of Karma together. Impermanence is a reality we all have to deal with. But this time it's a hard lessen to learn, a great loss. Learn the lesson well, Phalañani and continue walking on the path for may you, in no further life, meet him again.

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