Saturday, July 4, 2009


For a homeless reclusive I have a lot of things, as I noticed today. Went into the storeroom to get some toothpaste and -brushes, soap etc. for the next 3 month. Well, all this stuff is actually not mine, it's left over from the meditation center we had set up for short.
If Mae Chee Jai will open her center, i should donate everything to her. She called today and wants me to take to “her”center on monday. That's the last day here in the village, so probably I won't go, I better clean here before I leave.
This weekend a lot of people come to all monasteries to donate candles, neon lights, and other small things monks and nuns need for the rainy season. Tradition. Some large groups of people came today but I hid and worked in the storeroom to let Lumpoh receive all, as I go, I don't need anything now.
Yesterday that man came again who lives close to Nirodharam, the Bhikkhuni's place, more than 1 hour driving from here. He came that far to see me and to invite me to go to Bhikkhuni's place. He looked quite upset when I said “no, not now” But somehow it doesn't feels right now. Can't tell why. He brought Dhammabooks and fruit juices. :o)
I should go soon with Nadia to visit the Bhikkhuni. It's much easier from Chiang Mai.

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Nadia said...

I would prefer to go to Jom Thong's bhikkhunis. I would like to see that ex-meachi from Wat Ram Poeng. But I am not really want it. You know, I am not inspired by bhikkhunis at all ;)